Open Source, Open Minds: Using web technologies to rescue geospatial data from the back office

Thu Nov 3 17:00 - 20:00
BCS London
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The presentation will focus on the drivers and pressures which make people choose a hosted/open source route. This will provide examples based on projects we have undertaken over the past fewe years and how those projects have changed perceptions as to how software can be provided and how mapping is more than just something that gets you from A to B.

Blue Fox Technology designs and develops hosted web applications for mapping and provides a comprehensive range of cartographic and GIS services. The company was started in 1999 and its clients have included Experian, The National Trust, the RHS and various Local Authorities and Government Agencies. Opus is the company's leading software product for publishing and managing interactive mapping and documents online. David is a Director of Blue Fox and is responsible for
converting business and sales opportunities into projects that pay the bills.

JDi Solutions designs and develops hosted web applications in support of e-Government priority outcomes for Local Government. Their e-Consultation system is used by 25 Local Authorities and was instrumental in helping South Cambridgeshire District Council complete its ambitious LDF programme, processing 33 consultation documents over 5 consultations stages in the space of 2 years. Tom is Technical Director at JDi Solutions and is responsible for turning technical ideas and functions into generic software packages that support a client's business objectives.

Blue Fox and JDi Solutions are passionate about open source technologies and in producing software that is accessible, easy to use and rich in features and functions. The companies have come together to create a collaborative development team tasked with improving and extending its range of hosted software packages. These include a new Document System for authoring and managing documents for web and print-based publication and a Print on Demand system for web-based mapping that allows users to print maps at the scale, size and pagination they want.

This is a joint meeting with the BCS Open Source SG