Jonathan Raper and Steven Feldman: Open Data and the Public Data Company: Whose data is it anyway and who pays for it?

Tue Sep 6 18:00 - 21:00
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Jonathan Raper ( and Steven Feldman ( will discuss the issues around Open Data and the Public Data Company (PDC).
For an intro to the issues see

The BCS Geospatial SG - now re-branded as the Location Information SG - is leading the BCS response to the Cabinet Office consultations on Open Data and the PDC.

The PDC will encompass Ordnance Survey, the Land Registry and the Met Office so it will be of great significance to the geospatial, location and wide communities e.g. climate change, environment, transport and beyond.

This will be a debate and discussion of the issues for and against - and will be your chance to contribute to the process and the BCS response to the Cabinet Office consultation

The Public Data principles are published on

For more details on the Cabinet Office consultations see "Cabinet Office Public Consultation on Making Open Data Real and Cabinet Office Public Consultation on Data Policy for a Public Data Corporation

This will take place at BCS London
First Floor
The Davidson Building,
5 Southampton Street
London, WC2E 7HA