About The BCS Geospatial Specialist Group

The objectives of the Geospatial Specialist Group (GSG) are to:

  • Provide a reliable, honest, independent view on geospatial-related issues (architecture, systems and information)
  • Build on and encourage increasing, mainstream use of geospatial systems within IT architecture
  • Raise awareness and knowledge amongst BCS members of geospatial technology, issues, opportunities, and best practices
  • Act as a centre of expertise for BCS use
  • Encourage serious debate and examination of geospatial issues from a professional BCS perspective
  • Educate and inform members and the wider IT audience of geospatial-related issues and development
  • Promote to industry geospatial technology and information as a key and insufficiently exploited resource
  • Recognize and support of geospatial projects and individuals
  • Add to BCS members’ professional knowledge and career development and raise the profile of BCS in established specialized geospatial market.

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