Gary Gale

We had a great talk and Q&A session on the history (and future?) of Location and LBS with Gary Gale, Director of Ovi Places at Nokia. If you missed it (where were you?!) there are write-ups at and - you can also view/download Gary's presentation from slideshare at

Our new survey - "Where is our data?"

Help us find out what is holding up geospatial technologies with our new survey. Find out more over at

Roy Newell

We're sad to announce that Roy Newell, a founder member of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and who also helped establish Geospatial SG, has died. Read more

"World in a box : mashing computer modelling" recording now available

In June we played host to Mark Mulligan, Department of Geography, Kings College London and senior fellow of the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre. Mark spoke on recent trends in making environmental data and information accessible in ways in which environmental and developmental NGOs, advocacy groups and interested citizens can engage with it.

You can hear his presentation at

The Atkins Spatial Data Infrastructure – sledgehammer or technology enabler?

Is it time now to radically revise the way in which we approach and implement SDIs? New blog post over at

Time Space and Meaning – Geospatial semantics, data and linked data

Our first afternoon seminar was a great success. Read Dan Rickman's account of the event on our blog at

See Chris Osborne's (ITOWorld) slides here:

Enterprise Architecture and GIS - An ESRI perspective

Missed one of our events?

Don't worry - we've got videos of our events held late last year. Catch Ed Parsons talking 'Beyond Cartography' here, and find out all about the UK's latest data provider, UKMap, here.

Data, data everywhere...?

Is geospatial still too much of a specialist subject? New blog post at

Beyond Cartography where next for the geoweb? – Ed Parsons, Google

Augmented Reality - how real is it?

Geography and Climate Change

Legible London - how well do you know your way around by foot?

AGI Conference – The Week After...

#Geomob at the BCS

It was great to have a full house for June's #geomob event. We heard from Henry Crum of Spoonfed, Wes Biggs of Adfonic, Gary Gale from Yahoo!, Steven Feldman about the AGI GeoCommunity convention and Steve Coast about Ubiquitous GeoContext and OpenStreetMap.

Thanks to all that attended and to Chris Osborne for arranging such a great lineup. Pictures of the event can be found at

OpenStreetMap presentation

April 27th we had a great talk about OpenStreetMap by Harry Wood. Over on our SlideShare account you'll find his Open Licensed GeoData presentation, and you can download an mp3 recording of the event from our website at
Unfortunately due to time constraints we didn't have time for the whole of Harry's talk, but we're hoping to have him back sometime soon.

Location-Based Social Networking - presentation now available

We had a great turnout for Steven Feldman and Luke Razzell's discussion 'Location-based social networking: opportunity or blind alley?'. A great deal of discussion took place both during and after the event, so we're pleased that Steven and Luke have allowed us to make their presentation and detailed notes available for to download.

Steven's writeup of the event can be found on his blog at

Open Source Geospatial & The OSGeo Foundation - Slidecast now online

Jo Cook's introduction to Open Source Geospatial and the OSGeo foundation, delivered to the BCS on January 22nd, is now available as a slidecast. Click on the Read More link to view and listen to it in your browser.

Details of the upcoming OSGeo UK conference:

Jo's portable Open Source GIS on a USB stick can be found here:

Geotagging Presentation now available

Tim Woolford's presentation on the creation and use of Geotagging technologies is now available for download.

We're now blogging...

We now have a BCS Geospatial blog to provide some context and discussion around the meetings and to include members who cannot get to London or cannot make the event. Please make a contribution and also feel free to get in touch to let us know your thoughts and suggestions for this. We already have comments asking if we need yet another geospatial blog (fair question).

You can find our blog over at or by clicking the 'Blog' entry on the menu.