The Digital National Framework

The Digital National Framework enables and promotes the integration and sharing of location-based information from multiple sources. It supports the objectives of the UK Location Strategy and the rollout of the UK Location Programme.

BCS has announced the formation of a new Linked Data geospatial group to take forward the work of the DNF Expert Group. It has been formed as a sub-group of what was known as the Geospatial Specialist Group, which is now to be known as the Location Information Specialist Group (LISG). Dan Rickman remains the chair of the LISG but has now been joined by Mike Sanderson, of 1Spatial, as the chair of the newly formed sub-group. The charter of the sub-group will be to take forward the work of the DNF Expert Group while extending the work to embrace Linked Data and its growing community.

This will enable the principles of DNF to be aligned with the use of Linked Data and to use the reach of the BCS and its membership to expand and widen the community of interest for Linked Data. In having Mike Sanderson chair the new group, we ensure continuity of the work given Mike's close association with the DNF Expert Group and his current role on the DNF Management Team, as the representative of the System Suppliers community.

The new sub-group will continue the outreach work of the DNF Expert Group, especially with respect to Linked Data awareness building, which it will do in conjunction with the UK Location Programme's Linked Data working group. Much like the workings of the DNF Expert Group, the Linked Data sub-group will also hold its own meetings to which all interested parties are welcome. Membership of the BCS is not a pre-requisite for participation in the sub-group.

Details of the first meeting of the Linked Data sub-group will be announced shortly. There will be no further meetings of the DNF Expert Group. Further information on this development will continue to be made available via the DNF website although you are also encouraged to visit the dedicated site for the BCS's LISG at